Deg deg:Dhacdo xanuun badan oo hooyo soomaaliyeed qabsatay iyo sir culus oo ay soo bandhigtay.

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Hooyo ifrax maxamed ayaa shaaca ka qaadday dhacdo xanuun badan oo qabsatay galabnimadii arbacada.

Hooyadan ayaa waxa ay sheegtay in ayadoo meel fadhida lagu qabtay bistoolad loona sheegay inay ilmaha ay dhabarka ku sido soo wareejiso.

waxa ay daaha ka rogtay arrimo badan ay kamid yihiin halka dadkan ilmaheeda doonayay ay kasoo raaceen.waxay shaacisay in ninka isku dayay inuu ilmaheeda si xoog ah uga la wareego uu muuqaal ahaan ahaa nin dhaqan,heystana hanti ku filan.

ma ahan markii ugu horreysay in tuugo isbahaysataa ay isku dayo noocaan oo kale ah ka sameeyaan magaalada Muqdisho.

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